The Impact of Hormones on Weight Loss

hormones-and-weight-lossThere is direct correlation between hormone levels and muscle building. The main hormone involved in this process is testosterone, but the hormone leptin also plays a substantial role. Testosterone levels naturally decrease as men age. However, the levels of testosterone are high enough so that healthy people will not experience any of the ill effects from the natural decrease. This further advanced with leptin resistance. Leptin is the hormone that tells the body that it is full. Leptin resistance diffuses this functions and furthers the cycle by causing significant weight gain.

There are several methods by which people affect their testosterone levels and leptin resistance at any age. Testosterone can be prescribed in many forms. This is designed to increase testosterone levels almost immediately. Additionally, steroids including cortisone steroids and human growth hormones work by stimulating the production of testosterone in the system. This elevated testosterone is then converted to incredible gains in the weight room, but there are issues. If you are concerned about taking supplements you can try a diet and fitness program such as the Omega Body Blueprint which combines specific exercises and nutrition to manipulate your hormonal balance to burn the toughest to lose fat stores.

Key points in the hormonal balance debate

  • The safety of these products is highly debatable. However, this may be a non-factor because many people can naturally increase their testosterone levels in ages that the natural production should be decreasing naturally. Testosterone level decrease during age progression because muscle mass decreases. This denotes a cycle that can be positively taken advantage of in naturally boosting this muscle building hormone in the system, decrease its degradation and arrest leptin resistance. This cycle begins with exercise. Building muscle naturally will stimulate further testosterone production.
  • By further engaging in weight lifting, the production will be preserved at a more moderate rate. The testosterone will be preserved because the natural muscle degradation will be terminated along with the corresponding testosterone loss. This along with leptin effects libido and drive. The loss of libido and drive will further cause people to withdraw from physical activity. This will continue a viscous cycle that will end in the many different diseases that arise from physical inactivity and poor health habits.
  • Older adults that engage in bodybuilding even without a prior history report living a lifestyle that is more akin to their thirties than more advanced ages. By maintaining their muscle mass, libido is not effected, leptin resistance is defeated and further medication in that realm will not be necessary. Additionally, the positive mentality that is gained from the improvement in health and physique increases the chances that a person will continue the healthy lifestyle greatly.
  • Studies show that the gains that are experienced from human growth hormones, steroids and medically prescribed testosterone are only slightly higher than in those that only utilize natural methods of muscle building. The natural methods also have no side effects. However, the artificial supplements are at best a very risky chance and at worse deadly. This fact alone makes effecting hormone levels naturally the most appropriate choice.