Survey update after 1 week

There has been a lot of enthusiasm around the survey. numbers have been steadily increasing everyday.

I thank all who wrote posts about the survey in addition to all who helped out spread the word through social media.

Until today (15/11/12), there has been a total of 148 responses (out of 482 total responses). By full response, I mean people who filled in the four pages of the survey. All questions are optional (so no question is compulsory) but it is obviously better to answer all of them in order for me to be able to run more stats and get some more accurate analysis.

Here is the breakdown of the responses per project:

  • Debian28 full responses (from 65 responses)
  • FreeBSD – joined the survey today! Welcome :)
  • Gentoo - 2 full responses (from 11 responses)
  • GNOME - 28 full responses (from 63 responses)
  • KDE - 25 full responses (from 61 responses)
  • Mozilla - 12 full responses (from 27 responses)
  • NetBSD - 2 full responses (from 6 responses)
  • OpenSUSE - 13 full responses (from 43 responses)
  • Ubuntu - 38 full responses (from 206 responses)

Keep spreading the word, the survey is still live!

Here is the current of posts that promote the survey and/or describe the research project (We are still working on getting more posts):


2 comments on “Survey update after 1 week

  1. I was all set to fill out the survey when I saw you’re looking for people who started using Linux no more than three years ago. Did I understand that right? I started with Redhat back in the 90s (97?), went to linux fulltime in 2005 with Ubuntu (could never get Redhat/Fedora to work properly), and moved to LinuxMintDebian in 2011. I remember all the varieties of newbieness I’ve had and still have. Do any of those varieties fit your survey?

    Best of luck with it! An interesting project.

  2. Hi quixote,
    The survey targets contributors of the 11 listed projects who joined their respective project within the last 3 years. You seem to be a user as opposed to a project contributor (development, quality, documentation, testing…) if I am not mistaken. So if I understand it right, you do not qualify to fill in the survey. However, I would be happy to talk over email or chat about your personal ‘newbieness’ experience. Always interesting to hear about people’s experiences. :)

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